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Developmental Education

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Howard College offers developmental education courses in math, reading and writing.  These courses are for students that are not quite ready for college level classes.  Depending on a student’s TSI scores, they may be placed in one or more developmental education course.

Student Survey (for Currently Enrolled Students)
We want to know what you think.  If you are currently enrolled in one or more developmental education courses, please complete the Student Survey.  Only one survey per student is required.

TSI Pre-Assessment Video

Click here for the TSI Pre-Assessment Quiz after you have viewed the video above.

Program Mission

To assist students in achieving behaviors, skills and academic goals leading to success in college and beyond.

Program Goals

Students participating in the Developmental Education Program will:

  • Develop skills and learn necessary academic information that will transfer to college-level course work
  • Develop critical thinking and sound reasoning skills
  • Develop a high level of independence in learning and seek assistance and guidance when needed 
  • Develop abilities to engage in the active process of thinking, learning and participating with course content
  • Develop and strengthen abilities to work collaboratively
  • Develop skills in technology for use in subsequent courses and careers

Content Area Goals

Math Courses

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Students participating in a developmental education math course will:

  • Increase ability to use mathematics to solve problems of interest and useful in chosen field
  • Learn and understand material using standard math terminology when presented verbally or in writing
  • Use computer technology to advance knowledge of mathematics
  • Improve ability to describe procedural steps in solving problems using standard mathematical terminology and notation

Writing Courses

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Students participating in a developmental education writing course will:

  • Develop skills and use of standard conventions of written English for success in college level English or entry into the work environment
  • Develop an understanding of the writing process particularly generating ideas, gathering sources, drafting and revising 
  • Develop critical thinking skills by evaluating written sources and developing own voice

Reading Courses

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Students participating in a developmental education reading course will:  

  • Strengthen vocabulary and reading abilities in order to comprehend written material across content areas 
  • Strengthen critical thinking and linguistic abilities
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