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Texas Government Code, Section 650.026 Compliance

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Pursuant to Section 650.026 of the Texas Government Code, The Howard County Junior College District (HCJCD) is required to make the following information available to the public by posting on our website:

  1. The number of full-time equivalent employees employed by the agency:  For fiscal year 2016-2017, the HCJCD has 401 full-time equivalent employees.  Please note:  The number of employees actually working in the HCJCD on any given day may fluctuate.
  2. The amount of legislative appropriations to the agency for each fiscal year of the current state fiscal biennium:   $9,054,110 + $1,992,158 for SWCID HVAC (Fiscal Year 2016);  $9,054,110  (Fiscal Year 2017)
  3. The agency’s methodology, including any employment market analysis, for determining the compensation of executive staff employed by the agency, along with the name and position of the person who selected the methodology:  The HCJCD uses salary schedules in determining the compensation for all of its employees.  These schedules and additional information about the history of how the schedules were created, can be found at in the appendix.
  4. Whether executive staff are eligible for a salary supplement:  Member’s of the HCJCD’s Executive Staff are not eligible for a salary supplement as described in Section 659.020 of the Texas Government Code.
  5. The market average for compensation of similar executive staff in the private and public sectors: The HCJCD has 5 ‘peer’ colleges we use for comparison data in our annual report.  Using the comparable positions on our executive staff the peer college average is $149,065 vs. HCJCD average of $95,160 (FY 2016).
  6. The average compensation paid to employees employed by the agency who are not executive staff:  The average annual salary of the specified employee group is $40,980 (FY 2016).
  7. The percentage increase in compensation of executive staff for each fiscal year of the five preceding fiscal years and the percentage increase in legislative appropriations to the agency each fiscal year of the five preceding fiscal years: 
Percentage Increase in Compensation of The Executive Staff since Prior Fiscal Year Percentage Increase in Legislative Appropriation to Agency since Prior Fiscal Year
FY16 3.66% FY16 (7.29%)*
FY15 3.66% FY15 0.00%
FY14 (5.31%) FY14 (.098%)
FY13 (2.14%) FY13 (8.46%)
FY12 0.00% FY12 (6.22%)
* excludes additional one-time $1,992,158 appropriation received for SWCID HVAC project
Howard College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, veteran's status or any other protected class in its programs, activities, admission, or employment practices.  The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:  Director of Human Resources, 1001 Birdwell Lane, Big Spring, TX 79720, 432-264-5100.  For further information on the policy of non-discrimination, visit this link for the address and phone number of the office that serves your area.