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Ikemefuna Chukwunverenwa

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  Major: General Studies
Family: Josephat & Ifeoma Chukwunverenwa
Hometown: Ihala, Anambra State, Nigeria
High School: AFMC
Attending: SWCID
Ikemefuna Chukwunverenwa

Ike's Thoughts on SWCID

I personally selected SWCID because it’s where I can get the best education, set and obtain goals and achieve my future.

Why General Studies?
General Studies is my major; I am taking all the required courses that will help me to transfer to another university for my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. I want to study Civil Engineering at a University as my major is because I understand it clearly.

Future Plans and Goals?
After I finish my Bachelor’s degree, I will continue to study for a Master’s degree. After finishing my education for a Master’s degree, I will look for a good Job.

Favorite Professor
My favorite Instructor is Linda Mario because she loves to teach English. She gives great instruction and is clear about what she wants from her students. She urges me to work hard, it helps me be creative and achieve my future goals.

My Honors and Awards

  • Beverly Buchanan Award
  • Shell Scholarship Award (in HS)  

My Clubs and Organizations

  • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • RA
  • TC

Advice to Other Students
I would like to inform students about courses such as Math, English and others that they don’t understand and I strong urge them to keep going to the tutorial center for the staffs’ help. I encourage them to work hard for better grades and keep their goal for an education for a better future.

Most valuable learning experience at SWCID?
My most valuable learning experience in my life is that I should not copy bad examples from friends. That happened to my older brother a long time ago, he got off track in his life. He stopped what he was doing but now he feels so bad for letting things interfere with his future.  So, he encouraged me to be a good man and to work hard for my future goals.  All my family looks up to me whenever they need my help.

Where do you relax and have fun
I go to Midland and shop, go to restaurants with my friends. I go with my friends to watch movies in at the cinema in Big Spring.

What I like most about SWCID
I go to the Tutorial Center and help students with the courses that they don't understand. Sometimes I go to the library and learn something new.

What I tell future SWCID students
I would like to share my experience with students about what I do in school, that it’s great. Whatever teachers tell students to do, they should fallow them, instruction comes first before your own things, which should come second. Students should focus on education and earn good grades.

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