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Christopher Gaddy

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  Major: Building Construction Technology
Family: Annette Gaddy
Hometown: Lumberton, NC
High School: E.N.C.S.D 
     (East North Carolina School for the Deaf)
Attending: SWCID
Christopher Gaddy

Christopher's Thoughts on SWCID

I wasn’t planning to go to college at all because I felt that I was able to continue with my life with just a high school degree. Everybody looked at me as a person that would do just fine after high school—it all changed once SWCID offered me a scholarship and from that point, I believed that I could do more with an education. SWCID offers me the type of education that I need in either automobile mechanic or the construction programs—especially because of the fact that it is a direct communication environment.

Why Building Construction Tech?
I started in the Automobile Mechanic Program but after a semester of being in this program; I realized that I was not following my passion which was construction. I already had some experiences with woodworking at ENCSD and it was a memory that I truly cherish and a skill that I want to develop and be a master at. This is how I ended up being in the Building Construction Technology Program. I have developed strong bonds with people in my courses and enjoy it very much.

Future Plans and Goals?
I am completely undecided on what to do with my future plan—I am not sure if I want to go on to earn my BA degree or go straight to work in the construction field. I am going to take it day by day and enjoy my experiences at SWCID while it lasts.

Favorite Professor
Ronnie Sandoval is definitely one of my favorite instructors at SWCID—he teaches all of the BCT courses. I admire him for his experiences and his willingness to share a variety of trade secrets in order to make us better builders. Without his guidance and support; I would have not been that ‘hungry,’ to do my best or be comfortable to work in this field after graduation.

My Honors and Awards

  • South West Basketball Association of the Deaf All Star Player for 1st Team
  • South West Basketball Association of the Deaf Highest Rebounder  

My Clubs and Organizations

  • SWCID Rattlers Basketball
  • Student Government Association
  • Student Outdoor Adventure Club
  • SWCID Intramural League (Volleyball, Soccer, Flag Football and Soccer)

Advice to Other Students
Studying… Isn’t just a small part of college life—it is very important for students to balance time between studying and socializing. They just need to remember that education is a valuable tool in order to be successful and move up to better opportunities in life.

Most valuable learning experience at SWCID?
It requires heavy self-discipline and commitment to be able to earn experiences/opportunities. For example, with basketball—Coach Bohlin has a lot of expectations from the players such as; do well in school, be involved with the community, be committed to practices/games and to lead a healthy lifestyle—just by following his expectations, we gained the respect from our community and we had the opportunity to participate in the National tournament. Now, I believe that if I work hard, I am capable of achieving anything in life.

Where do you relax and have fun
Number one, I love sleeping! You know after all of the studying and practices I must have my sleep so bed is my favorite place to chill!  But on a serious note—I enjoy taking trips to Midland with my friends whenever we can—I enjoy hanging out at the mall or catching open captioned movies… If I don’t go to Midland, I enjoy playing videogames with other students at the dorm.

What I like most about SWCID
I love how SWCID gave me the opportunities to travel- if it wasn’t for SWCID, I wouldn’t have the experiences of going to Oklahoma City and Philadelphia. SWCID has allowed me the opportunity to go places that I may never have gone. I realize that continuing my education is worthwhile and that I have been given a chance to grow.

What I tell future SWCID students
SWCID is an outstanding place to start your college journey—whether you just want a certification or an associate’s degree. It is not often that you can go to a community college where everybody uses sign language and takes the time to make sure that all of your needs are met. Everything is pretty much accessible. I have developed strong friendships with other people that share common interests.

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