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Meningitis Immunization Requirements

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Texas law requires new or returning former students to be immunized for meningitis. This law applies to students entering college as of January 1, 2012.  Update:  Effective October 1, 2013 the exemption age has been lowered from 30 to 22.

The 82nd Texas Legislature approved Senate Bill 1107, which requires all students entering a public, private, or independent institution of higher education in Texas as of January 2012 and thereafter to provide documentation that they have had a meningococcal (bacterial meningitis) vaccine or “booster” dose- within the last five years and at least 10 days prior to the first day of class

The meningitis vaccination requirement applies to:

  • All first time students at Howard College/SWCID
  • All students who are transferring from any institution of higher education to Howard College/SWCID
  • All students who previously attended Howard College/SWCID, and who are enrolling following a break in enrollment of at least one fall or spring semester. (Students, who complete a spring semester at HC/SWCID, are not enrolled for the summer at HC/SWCID, and who returns in the fall are considered “continuing students” and are not included in this requirement.)

Students who fail to submit required meningitis vaccination documents will be restricted from registering for classes.

Meningitis Immunization Forms

Students EXEMPT from this requirement:

  • You will be age 22 or older on the first day of classes of the semester in which you are enrolling at HC/SWCID
  • You will be enrolled only in online or distance education courses.
  • Students who present an affidavit signed by a licensed physician stating that the vaccination would be injurious to the health or well-being of the student.
  • Students who decline the vaccine due to reasons of conscience, including a religious belief. A copy of the internet-based Department of State Health Services form to claim an exemption for reasons of conscience must be submitted to the Admissions office at the institution the student will be attending.  This form can be found at
  • Students enrolled in a dual credit course which is taught at a public or private K-12 facility not located on a higher education institution campus.
  • Continuing Education students attending courses or programs that are less than 360 contact hours.
  • Students incarcerated in a Texas prison.

Acceptable documentation to prove that you have met the meningococcal vaccine requirement

  • The signature or stamp of a physician or his/her designee or public health personnel on a form that shows the month, day and year of your most recent meningococcal vaccination or booster dose;
  • an official immunization record generated from a state or local health authority that includes the same information as above; or
  • an official record received from school officials, including a record from another state, which includes the same information as above.

Contact the following for more information

Big Spring & Lamesa Sites

  • Leslie Owens
    Associate Registrar
(432) 264-5105
    (432) 264-5604 (Fax)
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San Angelo Site

  • Ofilia Gomez

    Associate Registrar
(325) 481-8300, ext. 3327
    (325) 481-8361 (Fax)
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SWCID Campus

  • Candace Anderson

    Associate Registrar
(432) 218-4045 (VP / V)
    (432) 264-3729 (Fax)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please continue to monitor our website for updated information about this new law.

Immunization Records

Blackboard Orientation

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Blackboard Learn is now at HC.  Find out more about upcoming Spring 2018 Blackboard orientations below.

Select Your Location

Big Spring
  • Questions or to RSVP - Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: (432) 698-0618
  • Questions or to RSVP - Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: (806) 872-2223 or (432) 698-0618
San Angelo
  • Questions or to RSVP - Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: (432) 698-0618
  • Questions or to RSVP - Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: (432) 264-3775 or (432) 698-0618
  • Interpreting Services will be provided
Other Orientation Opportunities
  • Questions - Call (432) 698-0618 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Individual One-On-One / Face-to-Face Orientations:
  • For Questions or to setup a meeting contact (432) 698-0618.

Individual Self-Paced Online Orientations:  All Spring 2018 Blackboard students will have access to the online student orientation video links on Blackboard's YouTube Channel as well as access to the Blackboard Student Orientation Course.  Students may view a demo course before registering by browsing to the Blackboard Login Page and using the following login information:

Username:  hcguest
Password:  hcguest 

Blackboard logo


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Payment Processed
Thank you for your interest in Howard College.  A payment receipt will be sent to the email address you provided shortly.

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Legacy Series 2018

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The Howard College Legacy: Classes for Lifelong Learners

The Howard College Legacy series provides personal enrichment courses to anyone interested in gaining knowledge and experience. These single sessions cover a wide variety of topics including the arts, finance, home repair, technology, and physical fitness—something for everyone! Past courses have included Astronomy, 3D Printing, Star Wars, genealogy, music, photography, and magic. At the low cost of $5 per class, these courses are a great way to learn something new from qualified instructors. Registration is fast and easy, but space may be limited in some courses.  

If you have any questions about the Legacy Series, please contact Courtney Burgans at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (432) 264-5131.

Practical Pinterest: DIY Design Projects for Your Home (HALL 111) 
Using simple materials, create unique, personalized décor for your home or office. Participants will create easy projects to take home.

Instructor: Jenee Higgins 
Course Dates: Mar 23
Time: 6pm to 8pm

Enrollment Limit: 10
Location:  Hall Center for the Arts

Magic You Can Do (MCAS 100) 
Come learn some easy to learn magic that you can do with everyday items. Amaze your friends with rubber bands, cards, money and other easy to find objects. Class geared for adults and students 12 and up, but younger students welcome as long as they bring someone to help them with tricks. Optional magic book and magic kits at the class (extra charge-not required for the class.)

Instructor: Danny Sparks 
Course Dates: Mar 24
Time: 1pm to 3pm

Enrollment Limit: 30
Location:  PW Malone Center

Genetics & Epigenetics: Mutants All Around Us (MCAS 126) 
Come and learn about some of the ways we understand our bodies, our ancestry, and our future through the patterns of our DNA. Using a mix of hands-on activities and descriptive lecture we’ll discuss what genetics and epigenetics mean, why they are relevant to every human, and where the science is going in the future. No prior knowledge of Biology required! (No age restriction)

Instructor: Justin Rice 
Course Dates: Apr 7
Time: 1pm to 3pm

Enrollment Limit: 30
Location:  PW Malone Center

This is Sparta: The True Story of 300 (MCAS 100) 
Learn the real history behind the popular 2007 film 300, a fictionalized account of the Spartans fighting the Persians in Battle of Thermopylae.

Instructor: Amber Kelly 
Course Dates: Apr 13
Time: 7pm to 9pm

Enrollment Limit: 30
Location:  PW Malone Center

Micro Drone Building & Flying (MCAS 111) 
Introduction to building a hobby style micro drone by learning the necessary parts and how to construct a drone. Participants will also receive hands-on experience on flying a drone they build.

Instructor: Bryan Stokes 
Course Dates: Apr 21
Time: 1pm to 3pm

Enrollment Limit: 30
Location:  PW Malone Center

Astronomy (MCAS 100) 
This course is designed for the beginner to the skilled astronomer to learn to use a telescope, its functions, and how to find structures in space. Student Supplies: Cell Phone

Instructor: Dr. Steven Hobbs 
Course Dates: Apr 27
Time: 8pm to 10pm

Enrollment Limit: 40
Location:  PW Malone Center

Country Swing 
This will be an introduction to country western dance. In this class, we will cover these basic dances: Texas two-step, country swing, country line dances. Student Supplies: Loose comfortable clothes and tennis shoe or dance shoes (No Partner Required)

Instructor: Trish Matchen 
Course Dates: May 4
Time: 6:30pm to 8pm

Enrollment Limit: 30
Location:  Hall Center Black Box

Previous courses

Web Page Design Part 1 (HCG 209)                          
Want to build a website for your business, band, church or other? This class can help! Week 1 (Part 1) - Design and build your own web page. Using a simple web-based web page builder I will focus on the fundamentals of building a web page. Participants will build a fictional website using resources supplied by the instructor.

Instructor: Danny Sparks 
Course Dates: Feb 10
Time: 1pm to 3pm

Enrollment Limit: 20
Location:  Horace Garrett Center

Hawks Welcoming Weekend

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Welcome to Howard College.  Hawks Welcoming Weekend is August 18-20 at the Big Spring campus.   Events:

Hawks Welcoming Weekend


HC Announcements

College Correspondence Reminder:  Current students please check your Howard College student email regularly for official college correspondence.
Book Store Rental Program:  Howard College Bookstores are offering a limited number of texts for rental.  Click for frequently asked questions about the program, or click to download the rental agreement.   

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